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Submitted on
May 7, 2013


9 (who?)

Hello, guys ! How is going ? =D
The group decided to make collab with Hetalia-characters. What do you think ?
Indeed that's good idea, isn't it ?

Be sure to read all of the rules before you join in collab.


Update 8th May, 2013 : I edit rules because few rules was uncorrect.

Update 9th May,2013 : Many members have problem with resolution of drawing. Ok, The drawing must have resolution 1000×1300 and I edit rule few rules. Please read every update of collab ! It's very important, you know it very good.Thank you for all who joined in collab. I'm glad so much ! :') And I'm sorry for the mistakes.

News 13rd May,2013 : Hi, guys ! How are you ? How your drawings for collab ? Please comment in this entry.

News 14th May,2013 : Erza-Titania-Scarlet - She is the first person who done drawing for collab. :'D Thank you~ Ok, so want to be a second ? Oh yeah~ Belpheus became the second person. Who the next ?

News 15th May, 2013 : AkariMarco the third person who sumbited drawing for collab.
Well done, guys who sumbited drawings today and yesterday. The drawings very cute)))

News 17th May, 2013 : Thank you, guys who were sumbiting drawings today. However, we have free 18 Hetalia-characters. Hurry take your fav character right now ! ;D

News 19th May, 2013 : I remember again We have many awesome characters : Estonia, Cuba, Iceland, Sweden, Macao, Egypt, Cameroon, Monaco, Seborga, Wy, Cyprus, Ladonia, The Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Kugelmugel and Hutt River. By the way, don't forget rule "You can draw only one character per one drawing no more." It will be interesting when different artists draw one fav character. ^^ Thank you for the your attention.

News 21st May, 2013 : We have 14 characters !!! Don't lose your chance to draw your fav character for super collab.)))

News 22nd May, 2013 : We have 16 finished drawings and 27 picked up. 12 free characters want you !

News 23rd May, 2013 : 6 Hetalia-characters free. They need artists.))) I want to remind for members who don't sumbit his works, you have 15 days !!! Only 17 members just have sumbit drawings.

News 24th May, 2013 : I forget one character - it's Molosia. Thank you, Erza-Titania-Scarlet ! She lets me know it.  

News 26th May, 2013 : We have only free 2 characters. Hurry ! Don't lose you chance !!!

News 29th May, 2013 : You have 9 days for finish work ! 24 artists don't sumbit work.

News 31st May, 2013 : very soon time is up. Please draw your character and sumbit ! I don't wait.
In 7th June Collab would closed !!!

News 5th June, 2013 : How your arts, guys ? The collab finished 7th June in 10 p.m Moscow time.
If you can draw your character please write me and I give other members !
By the way, all characters registered but we have 19 non-finished characters.

News 7th June, 2013 : Guys, collab is finishing today in 10 p.m !!! You have 2 hours right now !!!

News 8th June, 2013 : I can't beleive it ! The collab finished :') So I make collab and
write about it next journal entry ! Wait !


:star: Subject :star:

:bulletred:We will be draw official Hetalia characters. It's sounds nice !:bulletred:

:star: Rules :star:

:bulletgreen: At first, you must choose a character who you want to draw.
If someone has already taken a character, then you can't sign up for him !

:bulletgreen: When we're done, I'll put together all characters in one image.

:bulletgreen: The character must be official. *Character by Himaruya san

:bulletgreen: Only Digital art !  

:bulletgreen: Art should has transparent background. However, Even you draw a drawing
on white background that's not bad. You can use photoshop and delete background. Look at tutorial How do it here :…

:bulletgreen: Draw your character in good quality.

:bulletgreen: Any pose is fine.

:bulletgreen: The drawing must have this resolution 1000×1300. In PNG format.

:bulletgreen: Don't use own version of a character. You must use the Hetalia design.
Allow : old style (1-4 seasons) and new style (5 season).

:bulletgreen: Your character must be drawn full body.  Example :…

:bulletgreen: The character in chibi version don't allow !

:bulletgreen: The character mustn't has a shadow. Example :… This drawing hasn't shadow !

:bulletgreen: The character can has different uniform. Allow official uniforms of characters and your own ! (Sexy waiter allow xD)

:bulletgreen: You can draw only one character per one drawing no more.

:bulletgreen: Your work must be your own !

:bulletgreen: Please sumbit your art in special folder "Hetalia collab"…

Have a question write here.

You have only one month to draw your character who you chosen.
If you don't turn it in, your character will be assigned to someone else.

Collab starts 05/07/2013
Collab will finish 06/07/2013

*Date format : month/day/year

:bulletgreen: The character is FREE ! Feel free to claim !
:bulletblue: The character Picked up !
:bulletred: Drawing Finished !

List of characters

Registered :

Finished :


:bulletred: N. Italy by ArekkuAika
:bulletred: Germany by Nemurenainda
:bulletblue: Japan by KanjiRagana
:bulletblue: America by 6t76t
:bulletred: England by Summer-Bunny
:bulletblue: France by KyokoSohma143
:bulletred: China by Lyon-L
:bulletred: Russia by ARCEL-16
:bulletred: S. Italy by Erza-Titania-Scarlet
:bulletblue: Prussia by AsuruiHiane
:bulletred: Austria by KsiezniczkaOlya
:bulletblue: Hungary by Starsequal
:bulletred: Lithuania by Arisu95
:bulletred: Latvia by happy-eevee
:bulletred: Estonia AkariMarco
:bulletred: Belarus by Sei-G
:bulletred: Ukraine by Kagome-Inuyashkina
:bulletred: Turkey by GYRHS
:bulletred: Korea by kamillyanna
:bulletred: Canada by Syoa-Kun
:bulletred: Cuba by AkariMarco
:bulletblue: Denmark by X-CHR15-LUDW1G
:bulletred: Norway by kyokochibi
:bulletred: Iceland by xXBrambleheartXx
:bulletred: Finland by Belpheus
:bulletred: Sweden by Belpheus
:bulletred: Poland by NeoSailorCrystal
:bulletred: Romania by NekoChoco
:bulletred: Bulgaria by AkariMarco
:bulletred: Thailand by marimariakutsu
:bulletred: Taiwan by Vaneez
:bulletblue: Hong kong by Kagee-chan
:bulletred: Macao by Caramel-Kon
:bulletred: Vietnam by platinasarah98
:bulletblue: India by brokenHealer
:bulletred: Egypt by pirihonrocksXD
:bulletred: Cameroon by vn4eyedgirl
:bulletred: Seychelles by TsubomiUsagi
:bulletred: Greece by Fatality-Like-Ghosts
:bulletred: Switzerland by SerketStalker
:bulletred: Liechtenstein by BassholesEverywhere
:bulletred: Monaco by fsg384
:bulletred: Seborga by ARCEL-16
:bulletred: Wy by blueoceaneyes101
:bulletred: Sealand by JagsCat
:bulletred: Cyprus by Fatality-Like-Ghosts
:bulletred: Ladonia by Erza-Titania-Scarlet
:bulletred: The Netherland by pirihonrocksXD
:bulletred: Belgium by ColombianTwat
:bulletred: Spain by Shian-selene
:bulletred: Australia by agitarin
:bulletred: New Zealand by Sei-G
:bulletred: Kugelmugel by NekoChoco
:bulletred: Hutt River by SerketStalker
:bulletblue: Molossia by BlizzardCaster
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blueoceaneyes101 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013  Hobbyist
done ^^ its not the best... but... oh well~ [link]
Anya-HetaliaLover Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
JagsCat Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow done here it is [link]
srry that took so long
Anya-HetaliaLover Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
6t76t Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I can't do it. I My drawing turned out to be a piece of shit. I tried drawing a new picture again and again, but it ends up looking like shit. I'm sorry, I failed. :iconotlplz:
Anya-HetaliaLover Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Don't worry ! Next you make it.
6t76t Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks. =)
Summer-Bunny Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconyayamericaplz: Sorry for the spam, but I finally got the chance to upload it :iconchibispainplz: [link] :iconamericapartyhardplz: I can't wait to see when it's done >u<
Anya-HetaliaLover Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Ok. Very soon. I think it's a awesomess collab ever~ x)
Summer-Bunny Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconyayamericaplz: Yay~!
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